1.4 TSI engine vibration/smoke




I'm back with new questions. So I bought the Skoda Superb 1.4 TSI as some of you might already know if you took part in the discussion. The car is ok but recently I noticed some issues with the vibration of the engine. I can clearly feel that when I put my foot on the clutch pedal (either depress or just put the foot on top of it) and depress the gas pedal up to a point when rev is about 1500rpm. The more rev, the more vibration I can feel. This doesn't happen all the time but most of the time, especially when the car has already warmed up (the vibration is quite unnoticeable at start up). There is also a bit of engine power loss and the engine seems not quite smooth as I accelerate more. It's hard to tell exactly but it's like the car doesn't want to obey when more gas is soaked into the chamber. I also noticed some exhaust smoke from the tailpipe when driving. This however happens all the time and the more I accelerate, the more smoke it emits. The smoke color is between gray and white (not really white but sometimes it's like water vapor and some other times like a bit whiter). Has anybody here experienced the similar issues? Thank you!
Not me at least. Is the smoke still an issue? It's quite normal to have some smoke in certain weather conditions and at the time of the original post pretty much all cars had some "smoke" coming out of tailpipes. If the smoke is white, it's likely water (the colour depends on the size of the water droplets: the smaller the droplets, the whiter the smoke, while larger droplets equal grey or dark gray smoke). Black or brown smoke would be more worrying.

In case there really is something wrong, this might be risky, so I'm not suggesting anything, but if it were my car, I'd probably do one of the following:

1. Get the engine properly warm by driving normally and then find a place where I could drive uphill on a motorway. Just before the hill I'd let the speed drop a bit and downshift to the lowest possible gear and then just go flat out (within the legal limit) up the hill. I'd repeat this a few times and see if anything feels different.

2. Take the car on a longer motorway drive and keep the engine running abouve 3000 rpm through the use of lower gears. Just steady driving and nothing else, for about 30 minutes.

If the problem is carbon buildup or condensation on the intake side, or condensation in the tailpipe, this could in theory (I can't emphasize this uncertainty enough) help.
Thank you all! Probably it's because of the cold weather on that day. I've been following the situation and recently noticed that the smoke went away in normal driving conditions. If I depress the gas pedal too much so that the rev goes up suddenly then there is some smoke but I think that's quite normal.
That sounds pretty normal to me. The exhaust pipe will always gather some moisture inside it, which will evaporate when driving a bit harder. Also, you can always get some idea of whether the smoke is normal by looking at what kind of exhaust fumes other cars emit. If your car is the only one emitting any smoke, then you might want to examine the issue further.